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A Gothic design with Pineapple central motif surrounded by an Ogee.  Designed by  F.J. Flanagan.

Colours Available - Red/Gold

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A fine Nineteenth Century design featuring the classical Gothic Ogee figure and woven with a fine Japanese Gold metallic Thread.

Colours Available - Red/Gold, Brown/Gold

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Face side
Colours Available - White/Gold, Red/Gold, Green/Gold, Violet/Gold, Black/Gold, Blue/Gold, Gold


A classical Gothic design incorporating pine Cone and Ogee figures, woven with a gold metallic yarn.  Adapted from an old Franco-German design in the late 1960s this design is unique as some colourways can be used on the reverse side as well (see below).

RedGold Reverse Small Wakefield.JPG (167127 bytes)
Reverse side
Colours Available -Red/Gold, Green/Gold, Violet/Gold, Black/Gold, Blue/Gold.