Piece Dyed Brocades
Gold Small Cloister.JPG (76789 bytes) Colours Available - White, Red, Green, Violet, Roman Purple, Gold

Cloister Brocade

A reversible symbolic pattern circa 1900.  The combination of the English Rose and Scottish Thistle was particularly popular at that time.


Violet Small Ely.JPG (80561 bytes) Colours Available - Ivory, Red, Green, Violet


A reversible symbolic design, after the style of A.W. Pugin.

 First produced circa 1890


Red Small Lichfield.JPG (72620 bytes) Colours Available - White, Red, Green, Violet, Roman Purple


Designed by F.W. Plaistow in the late 1940s and uniquely combining the English Rose and the French Fleur de Lys


Blue Small St. Aidan.JPG (102325 bytes) Colours Available - White, Deep Cream, Red, Green, Violet. Blue, Roman Purple


A small reversible pattern designed at the turn of the last century


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