Yarn Dyed Brocades
Ivory Small Winchester.JPG (106922 bytes) Colours Available - Ivory, Red, Rose, Green, Violet, Roman Purple, Gold


An elegant Gothic design incorporating the Ogee and Rose figures, based on an old Victorian pattern, designed in the early years of the company and was first woven in 1862.

Green Small Glastonbury.JPG (107351 bytes) Colours Available - Ivory, Ivory/Gold, Red, Green, Violet, Roman Purple, Gold


Deeply symbolic Ecclesiastical design by William Perkins senior, circa 1890; combining the Rose and The Crown of Thorns.  The design owes its name to the ancient legend of the Glastonbury Thorn, said to have been planted by Joseph of Arimathea.

Red Small Fairford.JPG (133619 bytes)
Colours Available - Ivory, Red, Green, Violet,  Black, Blue, Gold


A Victorian Gothic design with heavy weft effect after the William Morris school.  Designed for the company by F.J. Flanagan with further inspiration drawn from a Fifteenth Century portrait of Richard III.

RedGold Small Fairford.JPG (280084 bytes)
Two colours
Colours Available - Ivory/Gold, Red/Gold, Violet/Gold, Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Blue/Gold
Violet Small Florence.JPG (89498 bytes) Colours Available - Ivory, Deep Cream, Red, Rose, Green, Violet


A late Victorian design with a heavy weft effect, designed by William Perkins and inspired by Italian lace work.

Blue Small Margaret.JPG (149590 bytes)
Colours Available - White, Red, Green, Blue, Black


A design of the Tudor period featuring the Rose and Crown.  The Rose, a very early Christian symbol. became increasingly popular in the 15th Century as a result of its adoption by the adherents of York and Lancaster as a party emblem.

BlueGold Small Margaret.JPG (247054 bytes)
Two colours
Colours Available - White/Gold, Red/Gold, Green/Gold, Blue/Gold, Black/Gold.

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