Yarn Dyed Damasks
Violet Small Chelmsford.JPG (84920 bytes) Colours Available - Ivory, Red, Green, Violet


A small turnover reversible design in the Geoffrey Webb style, introduced  into our range in the 1920s.


Gold Small St. Nicolas.JPG (79376 bytes) Colours Available - Ivory, Red, Rose, Green, Violet , Black, Blue, Gold


A unique combination of Ottoman and Gothic styles.  Originally designed by William Randoll Blacking for the hangings in the War Memorial Chapel in St. Nicolas Church, Guildford.  Blacking drew his inspiration for the Fan figure from a 16th century Turkish design in the Kelekian Collection.


Green Small Truro.JPG (77911 bytes) Colours Available - Ivory, Red, Green, Black, Dark Blue.



Designed by F.J. Flanagan after the style of the Eighteenth Century French designs of the Marlborough and Blenheim period.

Red Small Tudor Rose.JPG (74745 bytes) Colours Available - Ivory, Red


An English design of the Sixteenth Century.  After the conclusion of the Wars of the Roses, the Rose became a very popular feature in both Ecclesiastical and Secular Architecture.

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